A Special Night In San Diego – Fight 2 Win 95 Highlights

It was a special night in San Diego last weekend with Fight 2 Win 95 in San Diego. For those that don’t know, San Diego was the first F2W show outside of our home markets. We took the leap of faith, bought a trailer, and took the risk of doing this because we believed in our mission to bring pro jiujitsu to the masses. Fast forward 3 years later and here we are, mapping out shows well past #100 in Hawaii and taking jiujitsu all over the country with Fight 2 Win. What a time to be alive!

But seriously, we feel very strongly about this and the San Diego show was very sentimental for us. Here’s a post from F2W CEO Seth Daniels that sums up how we felt about this show. Read on then enjoy the highlights!


F2W95 San Diego last night was a very special event to me and F2W for a few reasons.

When we started F2WPRO in 2015, the first 4 shows we did were in Colorado and Texas where we had been hosting tournaments and MMA shows for 8 years. We knew we would get support in our home states. In May 2016 we made the decision to take a risk. Go somewhere that we did not know anyone and see if it could work. We spent all of our money bought truck, trailer, added staff and equipment without knowing if the show would be a success or a massive failure.

First, when we announced we were going to San Diego there were less than 60 applicants. It seems like a long time ago, but 2 years ago the thought of getting paid for doing jiu jitsu was not real after Metamoris had collapsed and owed so many people money. So I reached out to Andre Galvao and Baret Yoshida and pretty much begged them to do the show so their students would also want to compete and bring legitimacy to the event. Once they agreed to do the show hundreds more people wanted on it, without them it would not have happened. We were in a horrible venue, our production wasn’t 1/10th of what it is now yet people came out and supported the event and had a good time and gave us the confidence that we could take this on the road. Without the support of San Diego we would have never made it out of our comfort zone.

Secondly 3 years ago I received a phone call fromRafael Lovato Jr. after Fight To Win Pro 1 I remember being very nervous taking the phone call, Rafael told me he saw the first event and was impressed and would like to fight on the show. At the time I explained to him that at that point we had very little to no money he understood told me he believed in what I was doing and would fight for much less than he was worth. In comparison it was almost 10x less than I paid him last night. Even though it was a minimal amount looking back at things it was a big amount for me at the time but the event was a success and after we went all in together he headlined 3 of the next 7 shows including his legendary match vs Roberto Abreu . I never forget those that have been down for the cause since the beginning and I cant think of anyone who has carried the F2WPRO torch more than Rafael. I am very grateful to call you champion and wish you the best of luck as you go for the Bellator world title.

Thank you Rafael and San Diego without you none of this would be possible.


Fight 2 Win 95 – Results


FIGHT 2 WIN 95 Results fighters paid $38,124 in salaries and commissions!

Black Belt Results

  • Rafael Lovato Jr. defeats Josh Hinger Decision
  • Retains F2W Light Heavy Weight Black Belt NOGI Title
  • Tubby Alequin defeats Jena Bishop Decision
  • Becomes Black Belt NOGi Bantamweight NOGI Champion
  • Baret Yoshida defeats Andre Pontes Knee Bar
  • Tarsis Carvalho Humphreys defeats Kuhio Tabancura Choke
  • Kong Seraile defeats Matt Palupelelei Split Decision
  • Tristan Lesecq defeats Marcus Porter Armbar
  • Andy Burke defeats Dustin Peek Heel Hook
  • Gabrielle Mc Comb defeats Liz Carmouche split decision
  • Rolando Samson defeats Paul Woo Armbar
  • Jacob Lee defeats Geoff Real Split Decision
  • Analilya Calzada defeats Charisa Sigala Knee Bar SOTN
  • Piter Frank defeats Johnny Tama Decision FOTN
  • Sergio Rios defeats Michael Trasso Decision
  • Ricky Lule defeats Adam Mazin Decision
  • Ben Dyson defeats Jesse Taylor Triangle
  • James Lawson defeats Mike Velez Decision
  • Juan Mob defeats Alfredo Barum RNC
  • Dominic Damian defeats Ben Eddy Decision

Brown Belt Results

  • Richard Lopez defeats Steven Wagner Choke
  • Vinícius Lino defeats Ricky Nunez Foot Lock
  • Keith Krikorian defeats Mathias Luna Split Decision FOTN
  • Zakk LeCates defeats Sean Najjar Heel Hook SOTN
  • James Baldwin defeats Chris Richey Darce

Purple Belt Results

  • Terrance Souser defeats Marco Martinez Decision FOTN
  • Adam Bradley defeats Breylor Grout Heel Hook SOTN
  • Bre Stikk defeats Heather Morgan Toe Hold
  • Alexandria Whitlock defeats Amber Rowe Decision
  • Heather Woods defeats Mariana Gil Decision
  • Igor Tanabe defeats Diego Vazquez Decision
  • Nikol Aguirre Almazan defeats Kimberly Bowser Decision
  • Matt Cox defeats Carl Budro Split Decision
  • Ricky Briceno defeats Seymour Lewis Decision

Teen Results

  • Xavier Silva defeats Victor Bonato Decision FOTN
  • Gil Pereira defats Josh Webb Decision
  • Bailey Lopp defeats Nathan Otter Split Decision
  • Zoey Chiles defeats Daniela Perez RNC SOTN


Fight 2 Win 95 – Photo Highlights


Complete photo gallery for this event now available for print and download order via Mike Calimbas Photography!


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