Career-Minded Mason Fowler Looking To Accomplish Big Things With BJJ

Mason Fowler of Dethrone MMA is one of the top emerging young prospects in his division. He’ll be taking on Luke Pollard of Garth Taylor JJ in 220 lbs., gi match as part of Fight 2 Win 96 tonight in Fresno, CA.

We recently caught up with Mason to learn more about who he is, what makes him tick and what he hopes to accomplish in this sport.

Read on before his matchup tonight at Fight 2 Win 96.


Hi Mason. If you don’t mind, tell our readers a little more about yourself.

I originally had my start in martial arts because I was training as a mixed martial arts fighter. I went undefeated throughout both my amateur and professional careers and even quit my job. In 2016 I decided to pause my MMA career and turn my focus to compete in Jiu Jitsu full time. I train year-round to compete full time and teach BJJ classes at Dethrone MMA.

What does jiujitsu mean to you personally?

BJJ to me represents hard work. It’s a sport that forces you to push yourself to become better. I’ve applied that into every aspect of my life. I love Jiu Jitsu, so I put everything I have back into it. It’s brought into my life everything that I am today. All my friends, new opportunities like owning my own tournament, and even traveling to Europe. I have a lot of fun working hard.

Tell us something about your training. What’s it like? Who influences you?

I take the same mindset I had for MMA and apply it to BJJ. Since this is my career, I train year-round, every day I am in the gym training. If there is a competition coming, then I train even harder and set myself up in a 6- or 8-week camp as if it were an MMA fight camp. I travel across the Valley to train with the best and bring other athletes into Dethrone to help train hard as well. I’m influenced by my coaches, training partners, and students. Seeing them every day is a constant push to work harder because I know it’s what they expect and want for me.

What’s the rest of life like for you?

Like I said before, I’m always training. If there’s not a bigger competition like Worlds or Pans that I’m preparing for then I will just take another day off and not train as hard. I focus on recovery while I can before another camp starts. Rest to me means being at home, probably sleeping on the couch.

What are some of the things you want to achieve in the future?

In the near future, like this month, I am focused on winning gold at IBJJF No Gi Worlds for brown belt. I already am a promoter for my own BJJ tournament, so I plan to build that up fast. My overall goals include becoming an IBJJF Adult Black Belt World Champion, ADCC Champion, promote my tournament, and eventually opening my own Jiu Jitsu school.

What’s one difficult thing you’ve had to overcome so far?

Injuries have been my biggest obstacle during my journey. It’s part of the game and going to happen when you train as much as I do. But it’s something I’m more mindful of now to avoid. I’m always rehabbing something, so it can take time away to get my injuries right before I can ever train at 100%.

This match at F2W 96 – why did you decide to compete?

I thought it would be great to compete here in Fresno since I am always traveling out to compete. This gives a chance for my family and home gym to watch me do what I do best. I’m excited to perform for everyone. Also, this is a great way for me to shake out a week before IBJJF No Gi Worlds.

Your opponent at F2W 96, are you worried about anything in particular?

I don’t know much about him, but I have great training partners who all have different games, so I’m prepared for anything.

I’m seeing this as part as my training for No Gi Worlds, a week after F2W. I’m preparing to show the world I’m the best in my new rank as a brown belt. This is another opportunity to showcase myself for this big show. A win for sure by omoplata #OmoplataEveryone.

Do you have any message for your fans?

Get ready to see some cool shit. Don’t blink. 😉

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