Dan Dykman Is An Animal; Aiming For His First Title at F2W 101 This Friday

As the newest member of Fight 2 Win’s “Team No Sleep,” Dan Dykman hasn’t exactly had it easy as of late. He gets to travel and compete all over the country, yet he’s also become familiar friends with sleep deprivation and an insane amount of work.

“I’ve just been scared for my life the whole time,” he says. Adding that he’s extremely grateful and lucky to have the opportunity.

“Working with F2W has been wild. It’s hard to describe what’s it’s like… Like if a circus merged with a reality tv show. I didn’t give nearly enough credit to team no sleep before I started but I’m happy that I’m here.

Dan gets to promote jiujitsu nationwide (and even Hawaii) plus train with some top stars wherever he goes, but he wants to make his own mark in the BJJ community as well.

Dykman gets a chance to do that this Friday night when he takes on Catalyst BJJ’s Trevor Polhamus for the F2W 145lbs purple belt gi title at Fight 2 Win 101.

Trevor is pretty cool. I hear he is a big guard player. My mindset really is I could care less who I’m up against but from what I’ve been told, the match will be good. I’m not taking him likely.”

When asked what type of style he’s bringing to the match, Dan says its kind of like “catch wrestling meets ballet meets break dancing and then had a baby with sheer power.”

That’s just him.

I asked him to describe his training…

“Imagine a friendly lizard stumbling apon a koala bear smoking a joint, the lizard ask the koala for a drag and the koala bear shares. Cotton mouthed the lizard tells the koala bear he is going to get some water at the river bed, “ok” says the koala bear. The lizard now arriving at the river spots an aligator, the alligator says “you smell dank lizard, spread the love”, the lizard then responds “koala has a doobie up the trail go getchu some” the alligator heads up the trail And when he gets there the koala yells ” holy shit lizard, you drank a shit ton of water !! Imagine that but in training form.”

As metaphorical as that sounds, we get the sense that underneath it all, Dan has some pretty lofty goals in mind.

He says he wants to fight in the UFC plus win a black belt title in F2W and we believe him.

One step at a time though. His current focus is winning that belt this Friday. And he’s confident.

“I’m gonna win that belt then tear down a stage with my buddies and deprive myself of sleep.”


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