Expect Assault and Battery with Tim Spriggs at Fight 2 Win 94

If you’ve ever heard the name Tim Spriggs, you might know him as one of the most aggressive BJJ’ers out there. You’ve got to ragdoll a good amount of people to get something called the Trainwreck System named after you, and Tim’s reputation precedes him. As one of the flagbearers of the renowned TLI competition team, Tim doesn’t play jiujitsu. He’s serious about the sport every time he steps on the mat. True to F2W philosophy, Tim always fights to win.

As far as his career right now, Tim isn’t trying to take things slow. He’s busted his ass to get where he’s at and still, it’s not enough. Together with a few others, he’s working on a podcast, going on the road for seminars, but more important than anything, he’s trying to take on all the other top grapplers – anyone, anywhere, anytime.

With that philosophy in mind, Spriggs’ latest challenge is a big one. He’s taking on ADCC and World Champ Yuri Simoes right in his Bay Area / Northern California backyard. For Tim, at best this could be the type of match that propels him to that very top tier of grapplers on everybody’s mind every time. And it could set the tone for the biggest year of his black belt career.

With great risks come great rewards but Tim is ready.

We caught up with him to get his thoughts prior to this main event match set for Fight 2 Win 94.


Fight 2 Win 94 – Tim Spriggs


Hey thanks for talking to us Tim. First things first, what’s a BJJ Goon?

Anyone who trains and fights hard. Lives honourably. Grinds for their goals on and off the mat. And isn’t a clout chaser or a pussy.

How’s the podcast going? Any favorite moment/episode so far? And who’s the biggest goon you know?

The podcast is going well. We’re working on increasing the production quality. Me, DJ, and Tony had no idea how much of a following it would gain in such a short period of time, so we have to adapt quicker than expected. My favorite moment so far was the episode with Mahamed. I learned a lot about him that I didn’t know before. I’ve listened to many podcasts and that’s one of the best stories I’ve ever heard. I’m glad it was on BJJ GOONS. Master Lloyd is the biggest GOON I know. He’s still a beast and is the best mentor/coach anyone could ask for.

A lot of people don’t know much of your story. Can you give us a short summary of who you are and how you came up in the game?

I grew up in Maryland and started training at 16. I went away to school at 17 for four years and only trained on breaks. I was still able to win Euro and Pan and Abu Dhabi Pro at blue and purple. I’ve been training full time for 6 years now. I split time between Crazy 88 and TLI Headquarters.

What’s it like training over at TLI and Crazy 88?

Its technically, physically, and mentally challenging but really fun. Every day is like summer camp with your best friends, except we’re trying to kill each other.

You sometimes seem like you have a chip on your shoulder. Basically, you’re real intense. Where does that come from?

I want to win and I didn’t come here to make friends out there. There’s money and reputation on the line. Years of hard work go into only a few minutes of combat.

What’s your biggest fear in jiujitsu? In life?

Not achieving all my goals and not enjoying the journey.

This match is Yuri Simoes at Fight 2 Win 94… why did you take it and what can you expect out of him?

I took the match because I’ll fight anyone, anytime, any place, and within any ruleset. I expect him to be super aggressive with wrestling and guard passing.

How would you describe your own jiujitsu to somebody that’s never seen you compete before?

Assault and battery.

Any predictions on this match?

Match of the Year.

This year is almost over so it’s time to look ahead a little bit. What do you want to accomplish in 2019?

IBJJF World Title and Double Gold at ADCC.

Any last words for the fans or anything else before Saturday in Richmond?

Thank you to everyone that has been showing me love and supporting the BJJ GOONS movement and Trainwreck System Tour. If you’d like to have me at your academy for a seminar contact me at spriggs.timothy@gmail.com or on Instagram @timspriggsbjj.

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