Fight 2 Win 92 Recap – “Sho Nuff” Shows Out In Denver

It was Denver native Isiah Wright who capped off Fight 2 Win 92 this past Saturday night in Denver with a big win over longtime OG Bill “The Grill” Cooper. Their match started off quickly with both guys showing a willingness to engage. Bill was more aggressive early on, even teasing positions to bait Isiah into the attack. “Sho Nuff” weathered the storm however and was able to come on strong in the latter portion of the match to secure the split decision from the judges.

In the co-main event of the evening, Stephen Hall secured perhaps one of the biggest wins of his superfight career with his own split decision win over US Greco-Roman Olympic Bronze Medalist Adam Wheeler. The lengthy Alliance rep pulled guard quickly to counter the takedown prowess of the Olympian. Though Wheeler was secure from top position, he was never really able to get anything going as Hall took the match from his guard.

There were plenty of other noteworthy performances on the undercard. We’ll highlight some of them in a separate article but of mention here would be Dan Humke, Mo Black and Emily Fernandez – who all won shiny new title belts as a consequence of their matches.

Check out complete results and photo highlights below.

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See you next week in Scottsdale for Fight 2 Win 93!


Fight 2 Win 92 Results


Fight 2 Win 92 Results fighters paid $25,629 in salaries and commissions!


Black Belt Results

  • Isiah Wright defeats Bill Cooper Split Decision FOTN
  • Stephen Hall defeats Adam Wheeler Split Decision
  • Jeff Ake defeats Don Westman OutSide Heel Hook SOTN
  • Foster Bailey defeats Gabe Beauperthuy Split Decision
  • Tim Galluzzi defeats Nick Marr RNC
  • Alvin Robinson defats Phil Lietz Split Decision
  • Vellore Caballero defeats Michael Kaplan Inside Heel Hook

Brown Belt Results

  • Dan Humke defeats Daniel Villaneuva Split Decision FOTN
    • Becomes Masters Brown Belt Welter Weight Gi Champion
  • Aaron Porter defeats Whitt Barr Split Decision
  • DC Hazen defeats Jay Shellhammer Decision
  • Paul Gummerson defeats David Wenig Decision
  • Joe Miles defats Kyle Crismon Head and arm choke
  • Bret Hernandez defeats Josh Huber Triangle
  • Eric Coe defeats Jalen Reyes Knee Bar SOTN
  • Casey Pratt defeats Lucas Wertman Choke

Purple Belt Results

  • Mo Black defeats Crystal Demopolous Decision FOTN
    • *Retains F2W Purple Belt Female NOGI Flyweight Title
  • Austen Brinker defeats Kit Croop Heel Hook
  • Daniel Pacherres defeats Joe Fishburn Decision
  • Douglas Cuomo defeats Carlos Garcia Choke
  • Joshua T. Baerwolf defeats Lewi Gault Choke
  • Carlos E. Espinosa defeats Corbin Nelson Decision
  • Ashley Lynn defeats Erin Stolzman Cross Choke
  • Jake Hartner defeats Bryan Brescia Armbar
  • Daniel Marc Calvert defeats Eli Corte Reverse Triangle Americana SOTN
  • Trevor Polhamus defeats Derek Alumbaugh Knee Bar
  • Eddie Sisneros defeats Michael Clark Decision
  • Dalton TheSultanof Sway defats Alec Cotner Armbar
  • Karla Shellhammer defeats Tessa Neely Decision
  • Courtney King defeats Beth Huddleston Bow and Arrow Choke
  • Ana Mayordomo García defeats Cassie Robb Decision
  • Devin Henry defeats Chris Messina Decision
  • SteVy Fletcher-Nguyen defeats Josh Shuman Decision
  • Britt Heaps defeats Bobby Ryan Decision
  • Dan Dykeman defeats Joe Connor Toe Hold


  • Emily Fernandez Defeats Jaidyn Mueller Armbar SOTN
    • Becomes F2W Teen NOGI Champion
  • SaVannah Cosme defeats Saleah Pescevic Armbar FOTN

Fight 2 Win 92 – Video Highlights

Fight 2 Win 92 – Photo Highlights


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