Fight 2 Win 93 Results And Photo Highlights – Quexinho, Franson, Jimenez Shine In Scottsdale

It was an action-packed night with Fight 2 Win 93 this Friday.  13 black belt matches including a masters featherweight title fight led the card with 2 title fights on the undercard for the packed at the Victorium in Scottsdale.

The main event of the evening saw Ares rep Osvaldo Queixinho Moizinho traveled from Modesto, CA to win the F2W Masters Black Belt Featherweight title after an exciting match against GDBJJ instructor Josh Rodriguez. Quexinho was on the attack from the start, quickly pulling the fight into his guard and attacking from there with an omoplata. He would never relinquish control and finished his opponent to earn the title.

In the co-main event, Fresno, CA’s Cole Franson was relentless in attacking from the bottom to defeat Gerson Antiogue via triangle to win FOTN honors. To his credit, Gerson was tough-as-nails in escaping from some deep armbar attempts but Cole was just too much on this night. Franson now moves on to take on Bill Cooper at Fight 2 Win 96 just a few weeks away.

There were plenty of highlights on the undercard, led the way by blue chip prospect Roberto Jimenez defeating a game Jake Watson by toehold after a battle highlighted by aggressive leg attacks by Watson, countered by Roberto until the Las Vegas rep sunk one so deep that Jake had no choice but to tap. One of the other impressive subs for the night saw Joe Murphy beating Jay Pages by Barataplata.

Catch the full results and payout below!


Fight 2 Win 93 – Results


Fight 2 Win 93 Results fighters paid $32,914 in salaries and commissions!


Black Belt Results

  • Osvaldo Queixinho Moizinho defeats Josh Rodriguez Oma Plata
    • Becomes F2W Masters Black Belt Feather Weight Champion
  • Cole Franson defeats Gerson Atiogue Triangle FOTN
  • Ismat Abdulhamid defeats Connor Waffle Triangle
  • Joe Murphy defeats Jay Pages Barataplata
  • John Cabay defeats Mario Gaxiola Choke SOTN
  • Suyan L Queiroz defeats Dan Radoff Choke
  • Carlos Farias defeats Corey Mullis Split Decision
  • Gabriel Revorêdo defeats Jason Youseph Decision
  • Kyle Boehm defeats Daniel Preibe Heel Hook
  • Kevin Scott defeats Wyatt Shepherd Armbar
  • Parker Lapp defeats Mike Burlaka Split Decision
  • Mattzilla Gillette defeats Scott Boehler Choke
  • Nicolas Gregoriades defeats Daniel Preibe Decision

Brown Belt Results

  • Roberto Jimenez defeats Jake Watson Toe Hold FOTN
    • Becomes F2W Brown Belt Middle Weight Champion
  • Aaron Wilson defeats Bryant Anthony Triangle
  • Tyler Larsen defeats John Burns Darce
  • Josh Guerra defeats Dionathan Santos Foot Lock SOTN
  • Koa Kalama defeats John O’hagan North South Choke
  • John Karlo defeats Matt Blank Decision
  • Jay Shellhammer defeats Robert Sanchez Decision
  • Philip Olsen defeats Juan Gonzales Decision
  • Tyson Antillon defeats Korey Kerber Armbar
  • Joe Go defeats Johnny Wintrow Decision

Purple Belt Results

  • Thiago Aso defeats Sergio Camacho Armbar
  • Jonathan Drane defeats Michael Cashman Decision
  • Spencer Nolan defeats Gabriel Machado Straight Ankle Lock SOTN
  • Gabriel De Los Santos defeats Greg Mooney Decision FOTN
  • Jonny Tran defeats Josh Schwartz Triangle
  • Oscar De Los Santos defeats Jerry Happeny heel hook

Teen Results

  • Bryce Smith defeats Pauly Westhoff Split Decision FOTN
    • Becomes F2W Straw Weight Teen NOGI Champion
  • Joseph Cruz defeats Zane Almon Decision
  • Amilia Briseño defeats Lexii Borunda DQ
  • Tyler Metcalf defeats Julian King Decision
  • Delton Kaufmann defeats Andrew Chase Decision
  • Damian Hosokawa defeats Mourece Ramirez Decision
  • Cade Roque defeats Alex McCain Kimura SOTN


Fight 2 Win 93 – Photo Highlights


Complete F2W93 photo gallery will be available for print & order via Mike Calimbas Photography.


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