Fight 2 Win 104 Competitor Profile – Chelsah’ Lyons (Marcelo Garcia)

Fight 2 Win arrives in Dallas, TX for arguably it’s most epic show to date, F2W 104. The event will feature American legend Rafael Lovato Jr. taking on ADCC champ Yuri Simoes in the main event of the evening while Rafael Formiga defends his belt against SF’s Nicholas Greene in the co-main event of the evening. With multiple world champions on the card including Nathiely Jesus and DJ Jackson plus a who’s who of locals from the DFW area, this is definitely one to watch and tickets are still available for the event set to take place at Gilley’s Dallas on Saturday night. Make sure to pick up your Fight 2 Win 104 tickets today!


Competitor Profile – Chelsah’ Lyons (Marcelo Garcia)


Describe who you are for those who don’t know you or your accomplishments.

Competing for F2W since f2wpro 6. My record is 6-1. 2x NoGi f2w lightweight belt champ. IBJJF 2x NoGi Pans (Absolute 2017) champ. Nogi world Champ.

Who do you credit for shaping your jiujitsu?

Rob Ables and my teammates at MG.

How excited are you for this weekend?

Extremely, competing for f2w gets me too hype, getting to face off with the best every time! I love seeing my team and people who’ve never trained fall in love with the sport, because of this platform.

Why are you looking forward to being on this card?

I look forward to being on any f2w card. This show is changing the game and this card is stacked with ridiculous talent. I thrive on that energy of being surrounded by elite players.

How have you been training to get ready for it?

Technique!! I continue to push physical limitations daily in conditioning, because training is life and it’s necessary to stay ahead at this level.  I’ve come to a place of really focusing on sharpening the dynamics of my game.

What do you think of your opponent, Tracey Goodell (CJJF)?

She’s good and that’s why we’re here. At this point I’m competing against the best in the world again & again. We’re here to show the world what female jiu jitsu fighters bring to the sport.

If you had to pick – win with the most boring fight in F2W history or lose with FOTN honors in the most exciting match ever – which would you choose?

Most exciting match ever. Every time. Who wants to watch people stall for points? We’re here to put on a show, display high level skills, and give the people something to really be excited about.

Any predictions for this match?

Submission finish. I’m always looking for the finish, and I believe she and I share that.

Anybody you want to thank?

My Coach Rob Ables, Kyu Paek, and my MG Dallas team. My life has truly changed for the better because of everything they are in my life. ♡ The F2W crew for making all of this a reality.

Any last words before the match?

Thank you to everyone coming out to support the art and the sport. Let’s go to work!

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