Fight 2 Win 105 Competitor Profile – Daniel “Ninja” Roberts (Factory Grappling Club)

This week Fight 2 Win heads to Tulsa, OK for another exciting vent, F2W 105. This card is headlined by two of the world’s top middleweights as Isaque Bahiense (Alliance) takes on Vitor Oliveira (GFT) while the undercard is bolstered by the top talent the state of the Oklahoma has to offer within the sport or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and submission grappling. Some high-level judo will be featured as well so make sure you don’t miss out!

Tickets for Fight 2 Win 105 are still available for the event set to take place at Tulsa Expo Square on Saturday night. Make sure to pick up your Fight 2 Win 105 tickets if you haven’t already and enjoy the show!


Competitor Profile – Daniel “Ninja” Roberts (Factory Grappling Club)


Introduce yourself to the fans (who you are, accomplishments, anything you want to share)

Hey fans this is Daniel ninja Roberts. I’m very excited to be competing in the fight to win 105 Right here in my hometown.

  • 7x time UFC vet
  • All American Wrestler
  • submission of the night at UFC 121
  • NOGI Jujitsu National champ
  • NOGI Jujitsu world finalist
  • 2 x NOGI Jujitsu world medalist
  • Jujitsu world medalist
  • 4x AGF chap
  • AGF absolute champ
  • ADDC medalist
  • fastest sub at Fight to win 11
  • 3-1 fight to win record

Who do you credit for shaping your jiujitsu?

I first got into jujitsu when I first saw Royce Gracie In the early UFC’s submitting guys twice his size. I said I have to learn that. Ever since then I’ve been hooked .I first started training with Mikey Burnett who is also UFC vet, a huge advantage I have over a lot of my opponents.

I actually started wrestling in jujitsu at the same time. I definitely credit my team I train with so many people over the years. Right now I’m training at the factory grappling club. We definitely have the best grapplers around. It’s actually a really cool gym. No one has egos. We all help each other get better. It’s been so many people that helped sharpen my jujitsu over the years but when I started training with Jake Shields he by far improve my game drastically. Just last year I receive my black belt under him.

What’s your favorite submission?

My favorite submission will be any form of choke because of a dozen tap he’ll pass out.

What’s one of your favorite memories from jiujitsu?

I definitely think my favorite moment in jujitsu is when I receive my black belt. I’ve been training over 21 years. I’ve been competing at the top level for most of that time and when I receive my black belt it was such an honor but it doesn’t stop at being a black belt. I still have so much to learn and I’m always willing to learn from other people. I think that’s what separates me from other people I don’t ever think I’m better than someone even if I beat them I can still learn from them. Jujitsu never stops you constantly have to keep learning otherwise you’ll get left behind.

Why are you looking forward to being on this card?

I’m looking forward to being on this car because I get to display my talent I always. Sometimes when I perform I’m not mentally ready and it really shows on my performance even though I love jujitsu I’m learning not to stress out so much in and just have fun.

What do you think of your opponent?

My opponent is very tough. I’m looking forward to the challenge. I would never take a fight if I thought it was going to be easy. I always want to challenge myself to get better.

Any predictions for this match?

I’m definitely looking for a submission. I don’t always agree with judges decisions so I’m not looking for any help with the judges.

If you had to pick – win with the most boring fight in F2W history or lose with FOTN honors in the most exciting match ever – which would you choose?

I’m always looking for the finish so I don’t like boring fights however in some cases if you know of guys going to do something you can shut him down time and time again. It can be boring but it is a good strategy if you want to win. But with submission grappling it’s usually kill or be killed with me. I’ll either submit the guy or he’ll submit me because I’m going for it. I don’t like the stalling. Obviously I don’t like to lose but I would rather be more exciting then to stall and not go for anything.

Anybody you want to thank?

I just want to thank my team for helping me prepare I want to thank all my fans for some porting me buying T-shirts and tickets it really means a lot. I love inspiring people even though I compost a lot I really don’t see myself as some kind a big star I’m just an average person that works hard.

Any last words before the match?

I’ll be ready for my match. I’m extremely confident and ready.

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