Fight 2 Win 106 Competitor Profile – Enrico Cocco (Fight Sport)

It’s almost time for Fight 2 Win 106! Taking place at the War Memorical Auditorium in Ft Lauderdale, the show will feature a stacked card of South Florida’s top submission grapplers and BJJ artists.

Among them is FIght Sports leader Roberto “Cyborg” Abreau taking on Luiz Panza in the main event while world champ Talita Alencar takes on fellow world champ Karen Antunes in the co-main. A who’s who of the area’s best litter the rest of the card and the show should be awesome!

Check out some of our pre-event interviews and learn more about the F2W competitors including the one below!


Fight 2 Win 106 Competitor Profile – Enrico Cocco (Fight Sport)


Describe who you are for those who don’t know you or your accomplishments.

My name is Enrico Cocco. I’ve been grappling for over 18 years now. I’m a 3 time ADCC North America trials champion.

Give us a random fact about you – non jiujitsu related.

I’ve been plant based (vegan) for over 10 years now.

Tell us a little bit about your jiujitsu.

I have a well rounded approach. I like to play bottom as much as top. And always hunt for the submission

How excited are you for this weekend?

I always have a ton of fun doing the F2W shows. It’s the equivalent of having an mma fight for grapplers. Now that I’m competing for a title in front of my home crowd I’m stoked and want to give them a great show!

Why are you looking forward to being on this card?

The card is stacked and I get to compete amongst my Fightsports teammates and leader Cyborg Abreu.

Any insight into your training?

Everyday porrada! I’m always training hard week after week Incase an opportunity presents itself I’m ready! balancing hard grappling with drilling. And supplementing my Jiujitsu with weightlifting and yoga.

What do you think of your opponent? Anything specific you need to watch out for?

He’s fast and scrappy. Likes leg locks. And keeps a good pace up.

Any predictions for this match?

Don’t know how but I will put pressure from the beginning of the match and eventually land a submission.

Anybody you want to thank or dedicate this match to?

I want to thank my wife Diana whose been my main supporter for the last 10 years and always pushes me to be the best version of myself. And dedicate the match to my 1 and a half year old daughter Stella whose been watching dad teach and train since birth. Also I’d be nothing without my Zen Jiujitsu students and Fightsports teammates that push me day in and day out.

Any last words before the match?

I hope that Travis brings his A game and we have an epic battle for everyone watching


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