Fight 2 Win 106 Competitor Profile – Renny Gonzalez (Carlson Gracie / Teknica BJJ)

It’s almost time for Fight 2 Win 106! Taking place at the War Memorical Auditorium in Ft Lauderdale, the show will feature a stacked card of South Florida’s top submission grapplers and BJJ artists.

Among them is FIght Sports leader Roberto “Cyborg” Abreau taking on Luiz Panza in the main event while world champ Talita Alencar takes on fellow world champ Karen Antunes in the co-main. A who’s who of the area’s best litter the rest of the card and the show should be awesome!

Check out some of our pre-event interviews and learn more about the F2W competitors including the one below!


Competitor Profile – Renny Gonzalez (Carlson Gracie / Teknica BJJ)


Describe who you are for those who don’t know you or your accomplishments.

My name is Renny Gonzalez and I am a Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under Michel “Buiu” Pereira. I have been training Jiu Jitsu for over a decade and still consider myself a student of the art. One of my biggest Jiu Jitsu accomplishments was achieving a Silver Medal in the 2017 No Gi Worlds in the Master 1 Brown Belt division. Since then I have become even more hungry for competition.

Give us a random fact about you – non jiujitsu related.

I originally wanted to be a rockstar drummer and wanted to tour the world! 😅

Tell us a little bit about your jiujitsu.

My Jiu Jitsu is tricky and hard to replicate. I am constantly looking to end the match via submission.

How excited are you for this weekend?

Very excited to be competing back on the F2W Stage in front of my friends and family!

Why are you looking forward to being on this card?

I’m looking forward to sharing the mats with all of the jiu jitsu legends on this card specially since South Florida is my home.

Any insight into your training?

Our training is specific to ending the match via submission.

What do you think of your opponent? Anything specific you need to watch out for?

Jeff is a Black Belt under Shark so he’s gotta be good to achieve that. I respect all aspects of my opponent’s game and look forward to the challenge.

Any predictions for this match?

Don’t know how but I will put pressure from the beginning of the match and eventually land a submission.

Anybody you want to thank or dedicate this match to?

I dedicate this match to all of my friends and family from Teknica, GhostSquad, & Carlson Gracie Team. Having the opportunity to compete is already a blessing but doing it in front of you loved ones just makes it that much better!

Any last words before the match?

Looking forward to an exciting match! Thanks Seth for putting this show together.

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