Fight 2 Win 91 Recap and Photo Highlights

It was a damp and rainy night in Farmingdale, NJ last Saturday as some of the east coast’s best Jiu-Jitsu competitors took the stage for Fight 2 Win 91. It was an impressive card all the way through with some exciting matches including 3 title fights.

The main event of the evening saw Unity’s Tex Johnson utilize a crafty gameplan that consisted of going for his submission attempts then getting the hell out of the way in order to best Tom DeBlass for the F2W Masters NOGI heavyweight title. The local favorite, Tom was never really able to get going as Tex never gave an opening to engage for his own attempts. Tex actually popped Tom’s foot on one Estima lock attempt but you’d never know it as DeBlass just smiled through it, making the pain of the attempt unbeknownst to the judges and fans. Tom would only later admit this on social media as he gave his congratulations to Johnson for the win.

In the co-main event of the evening, Lincoln Pereira took longer to dance towards the stage during his walkout than he did to flying triangle Radji Bryson-Barrett for the Masters light heavyweight gi title. As charismatic and energetic as anybody with the term “Masters” in front of their division could ever hope to be, time will only tell what’s next for Lincoln as he’s certainly been impressive in F2W so far.

In rounding out title again, Ohio’s Emil Fischer won the purple belt nogi title at light heavyweight with his toe hold win over David Gonzalez. Emil has dominated at purple belt so far in F2W and that should come as no surprise given his lengthy experience at the rank but let’s see how long he keeps this title or if he defends it as he may be moving up pretty soon.

Other impressive performances were found all over the place elsewhere on the card but some noteworthy ones included:

Nick Calvanese winning at F2W for the second week in a row, this time spoiling the otherwise impressive black belt debut for monster Devhonte Johnson.

Fiona Watson overcoming an aggressive showing early from Karen Lingle to catch the armbar midway through their match.

Garret Lavaggi catching Albert Hughes by RNC after dealing with a crafty guard early in their match.

Fight 2 Win 91 Videos

Fight 2 Win 91 – Complete Results & Payout


Competitors paid $20,765 in salaries and commissions.


Black Belt

  • Tex Johnson defeats Tom Deblass Decision
    • Becomes F2W Masters NOGI Heavy Weight Champion
  • Lincoln Pereira defeats Radji Bryson-Barrett Flying Triangle
    • Becomes F2W Masters Black Belt Light Heavy Weight GI Champion
  • Nick Calvanese defeats Devhonte Johnson Split Decision
  • Fiona Margaret Watson defeats Karen Lingle Armbar SOTN
  • Joseph Marino defeats David Escobar Split Decision FOTN
  • Jen Russell defeats Abi Pacinelli Split Decision
  • Alex Ecklin defeats Chris Noonan Choke
  • Garret Lavaggi defeats Albert Hughes RNC
  • Enrique Galarza Kittyle defats Steven Barnett Decision
  • Carlos Eduardo Cachorrão defeats Eddie Prince Decision
  • Mike Kalika defeats Joe Oppedisiano Decision
  • Joseph Marino defeats Tony Rivera Decision

Brown Belt

  • Guitano Mione defeats Jerry Aquino Armbar
  • Steven Deangelis defeats Nate Ray RNC
  • Antoine Delannoy defeats John Behan Choke
  • Nicholas Tamandua Salles defeats Jesse Slovenz Armbar
  • Chris Sodbinow defats Chris Tuzeneu RNC SOTN
  • Marcus Johnson defats Nic Koch Knee Bar
  • Matteo Martinez defeats Pat Hemenway Knee Bar
  • Antoine Delannoy defeats Michael Oettinger
  • Kyvann Gonzalez-Jimenez defeats Phil Doig Split Decision

Purple Belt

  • Emil Fischer defeats David Gonzalez Toe Hold
    • Becomes F2W Purple Belt NOGI Light Heavy Weight Champion
  • Guppy Andrea defeats Kimberly Robles Triangle
  • Diego Pw Rivera defats Chris Herman Choke
  • Alex “Problem” Nemeth defeats Jessie Shaw Knee Bar SOTN
  • Sean Yadimarco defeats Andrew Valencia Decision
  • Gabby Etzel defeats Cassandra Vega Kimura FOTN
  • Steven Tongur defeats John Niedrich Heel Hook
  • Josh Baker defeats Manuel Carpio Decision
  • Ryan Christopher defeats Mike Dakessian Decision
  • Robert Degle defeats Jon Stottlemyer RNC
  • Eric Naples defeats Collin Kelly Triangle


  • Keegan Foote defats Marco Alacorn Decision FOTN


Fight to Win 91 in Photos


Note: The complete Fight 2 Win 91 gallery is now available for print & download purchase via Mike Calimbas Photography. All rights reserved for the photos below.

Note: The complete Fight 2 Win 91 gallery is now available for print & download purchase via Mike Calimbas Photography. All rights reserved.


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