Fight 2 Win 95 Interview – Analilya Calzada (Studio 540)

Competing in a 115 lbs black belt nogi match, Analilya Calzada takes on Charisa Sigala of Gracie Barra at Fight 2 Win 95.

Analilya comes to Fight 2 Win as no stranger to competing on a stage. She is a lifelong dancer and has starred in various shows and musicals, including West Side Story And Cats. She’s been pretty well-balanced in her grappling as well, earning her black belt in BJJ while also taking the time to learn the no-gi game in depth as well.

We recently spoke to her about her upcoming match.

Give us your own summary of your life story so far if you don’t mind, for the fans.

I, Analilya Calzada was born in San Diego raised in Oceanside, California. I have a brother who is 15 months younger. I grew up dancing most of my life. I’ve been in various dance shows and musicals like West Side Story, Cats, A Course Line, Peter Pan, just to name a few. I started Jiu jitsu after graduating with Honors from UCSD with a B.A. in Performing Arts.

A boyfriend of mine introduced me to Jiu jitsu back in 2009 (long ass story there) and since then I have not been able to go a day or two without getting my therapy session in, which is the general art. I’ve been training going on 10 years and it has changed my life completely! I started my Jiu jitsu journey learning no-gi first and then 5 years later learned to except and like the gi. I would have to say Jiu jitsu probably saved my life. It was harder for me to continue on a path of self-destruction if I wanted to get better at Jiu jitsu. Becoming a jiu jitsu practitioner forced me learn how to take better care of myself, gave me more confidence, grounded me and introduced me to a whole new world.

What’s it like training at Studio 540? Who do you credit as some of your biggest influences?

Training at 540 is awesome, because you never know who might show up to train. All the students are respectful and simply wonderful people. Studio 540 doesn’t focus on competition training which is why it’s important for me to train at other gyms. I want to thank 10th planet Oceanside for always welcoming me with open arms. I would definitely love training with more women.

I would like to thank Ryan Fortin for planting the jiu jitsu seed in me and for guiding me through my early Jiu jitsu years. The biggest influence on me would have to be all the peeps I trained with day in and day out back when i first started and those in who i train with now day in and day out. I want to thank Joel Tudor who took me under his wing and who on a daily basis inspires me to continue to get better and better. I appreciate the feedback and support from all my friends and family.

What do you when you’re NOT training? What’s the rest of life like for you?

When I’m not training I’m dancing. I give dance privates, teach Zumba at L.A. Fitness, and attending dance rehearsals for future performances. Sundays are usually my rest days, but it’s hard for me to take it off when that’s one of the only days I can train elsewhere. I also enjoy spending all day in bed watching TV. I like to drink too which I would have to say is an obstacle of mine.

What are some of the greatest obstacles you’ve had to overcome in your journey?

The biggest obstacle I’ve had to overcome is believing and maintaining confidence in myself.

I’ve pushed myself to face fears and try things I otherwise wouldn’t try.

What’s your biggest motivation in jiujitsu? In life?

My biggest motivation in Jiu jitsu is just to continue to improve on my technique and to teach other women to be confident in themselves and know how to defend themselves.

One day will open my dance and jiu jitsu studio. One in Mexico City and one here in North County.

What accomplishment are you proudest of so far?

The accomplishment that I am most proud of would have to be earning my black belt this year. I never really thought it would happen and it wasn’t really a goal of mine. I practice jiu jitsu because I loved it and feel like I needed it in my life, everything else that comes with it is just a plus.

How would you describe your jiujitsu to somebody that’s never seen you compete before?

Weird and risky, but vicious.

Your opponent at F2W 95, what do you expect out of her?

Not really sure… probably a lot of strength, pressure and top game playing.

How have you prepared for this match? Any predictions?

I have tried to gain “good” weight and fine tune my game plan. If she don’t get choked she may get arm bared or heal hooked.

What’s next for you after this?

After this I’ll be heading to Austin, Texas to compete and dominate EBI 18 on Dec 9th. Once that is over I’ll be preparing for a show put on by  Hispanic Arts Theater in association with El Latino Newspaper. The New Mambo Kings will perform March 9th.

Any last words for the fans or anything else? The floor is yours.

I would like to thank my family and friends for all their love, support, and belief in me. I love you all to death. Now, let’s get it done!!

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