Fight 2 Win 96 – Cleber Luciano Readies To Take On “Halo” Lopez For F2W Masters Title

For a person that’s been around as long as he has, Cleber Luciano is a man of relatively few words yet his accomplishments speak for themselves. Based out of Huntington Beach, the fifth degree blackbelt has made his mark in both MMA and Jiu-Jitsu. A black belt since the age of 19, Cleber isa 7x world champion and 6x Brazilian champion. This goes with his 12-5 MMA record with 4 of those fights being in Bellator. Obviously, he’s never been afraid to put it on the line.

“I moved to USA/CA 25 year ago to chase the American dream,” says Cleber. “I love to get ready for fights, I train daily jiu jitsu, cardio and personal, I always finish my day with a spa and sauna. This is my lifestyle.”

For a man who left all his family and friends when he was just 20 to pursue his dreams, Cleber now looks back with the perspective of a man who once had nothing, and now has accomplished his share of life goals. Now everything else is the cherry on top, to add to his accomplishments. That’s what he’s looking to do tomorrow night at Fight 2 Win 96 when takes on the hometown favorite, Angel Halo Lopez, in the main event for the 155 lbs. Masters title.

“I’m a blessed person, I already achieve more them I already dream for it but I love F2W show, they do a great job, it is an honor to be part of this event. It will be a good fight, I always respect ALL of my opponents but a fight is a fight. I’m going to do my best to represent Cleber Jiu-Jitsu and show everyone hard work pays off!”

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