Fight 2 Win 99 – Complete Results and Photo Highlights

It was another exciting night in Scottsdale with Arizona’s top jiujitsu competitors taking the stage at Fight 2 Win 99.

In the main event of the evening, Marcio Andre and Matheus Gabriel showed why they’re two of the top competitors in the world in their division with a back-and-forth match that earned FOTN honors. Marcio took the win home via decision though Matheus put up a valiant effort after taking the match on short notice. Look for big things ahead from both of these individuals if their effort tonight was of any indication.

In the co-main event, Gerson Atoigue was able to take home the split decision win over a game Santos Rivera in one of the closest matches of the night.

Other highlights in the black belt matches included Mike MacGregor taking the win over Paul Nava by neckcrank/bulldog choke and Andrew Gardineer scoring SOTN at black belt with his omo plata win over Daniel Preibe.

Check out full results and payout below!


Fight 2 Win 99 – Complete Results & Payout


Fighters paid $35,015 in salaries and commissions.

Black Belt Results

  • Marcio Andre defeats Matheus Gabriel Decision FOTN
  • Gerson Atoigue defeats Santos Rivera Decision
  • Víctor Emanuel defeats Daniel Grippaudo Decision
  • Sean Downie defeats Ismat Abdulhamid Decision
  • Mike MacGregor defeats Paul Nava Neck Crank
  • Doug Moore defeats John Botello Armbar
  • Paulo Eduardo Freire defeats Michael Kaplan Split Decision
  • Logan Jewell defeats Rob Johnson Toe Hold
  • Javier Torres defeats Anthony Torres Decision
  • Michael Fowler defats Joe Murphy Decision
  • Josh Rodriguez defeats Matt Mamolen Decision
  • Andrew Gardineer defeats Daniel Preibe Oma Plata Choke SOTN

Brown Belt Results

  • Ryan Walsh defeats Josh Guerra Split Decision
    • Becomes F2W Brown Belt Adult Gi Heavy Weight Champion
  • Steeyle Levine defeats Dani Allen GOGO Plata SOTN
  • Gabriel Souza defeats Danny O’Donnell Choke
  • Korey Kerber defeats Evan Gongora Toe Hold
  • Don Daubert defeats Michael Cashman Decision
  • Austin Baker defeats Ryan Burch armbar
  • Rob Sanchez defeats Juan Gonzalez Submissions
  • John T Burns defeats Chris Shuman Ezekiel Choke FOTN
  • Jose Munoz defeats Koa Kalma Heel Hook
  • Philip Olsen defeats Doug Hoopes Heel Hook
  • Nathan Robert Hagberg defats Lcuas Norat Decision

Purple Belt Results

  • Mina Burnside defeats Estrella Moreno Decision FOTN
  • Alex Horsman defeats Nick Burns Heel Hook
  • Josh Kassil defeats Zach Nicholas Decision
  • Oscar De Los Santos defeats Kevin Soza Decision
  • Thiago Aso defeats Alvaro Cardenas Armbar SOTN
  • Jonny Tran defats Billy Hoffman III Triangle
  • Shasta McMurry defeats Angela Shepherd Toe Hold
  • Nick Nelson defeats Kasey Tanner Decision
  • Kris Coyne defeats Jon Caraveo Toe Hold

Kids and Teens

  • Tyler Metcalf defeats Stone Durkalec Kimura SOTN
  • Damian Hosokawa defeats Deshawn Newman Triangle
  • Joseph Cruz defeats Joseph Nguyen Decision
  • Amilia Briseño defeats Jameea Gunn Decision FOTN


Fight 2 Win 99 – Photo Highlights


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