Fight2Win 87 Event Recap and Favorite Photo Highlights from Dallas!

October 3, 2018 – Fight 2 Win 87 concluded last Friday night in Dallas with a packed house watching 30 bouts of action at Gilley’s. It was a real intriguing event lead up considering the stacked card headlined by a women’s nogi title match between Ana Carolina Veira and Chelsah Lyons and filled out by many of the top instructors from around the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex facing each other along with opponents from as far away as Chicago and Brazil.

Fighters Paid $35,932 in salaries and commission for this event. See below for results and photo highlights!


Fight 2 Win 87 Dallas Results


Black Belt Results
Ana Carolina Vieira defeats Chelsah Lyons Decision
Becomes F2W Black Belt NOGI FW and LW Champion
Alexandro Ceconi defeats Alan Shebaro Armbar
Becomes F2W Black Belt Masters Gi Heavy Weight Champion
Rafael Formiga Barbosa defeats Luiz Eduardo Choke
Rocky Budri defeats Eric Schambari Decision
Jay King defeats Brandon Liebel Mounted Triangle
Marcus Antelante defeats Mark Vives Decision
Gilson Nunes defeats Casey Gray Triangle
Vinicius Agudo defeats Ed Ramos Split Decision
Eddie Saenz defeats Juan Tatum Split Decision
Igor Paiva defeats Will Durkee Decision
Matheus Gabriel defeats Santiago Fermin Armbar SOTN
Ivaniel Oliveira defeats Dennis Thomas Split Decision FOTN
Ryne Lee Sandhagen defeats Stephen Hall decision

Brown Belt Results
Travis Clark defeats Chris Roberson Split Decision
Becomes F2W Brown Belt Masters NOGI Super Heavy Weight Champion
Benjamin Annunziato defeats Diego Santana Triangle FOTN
Michael Torres defeats Chuck Adam Heel Hook
Rustin Brown defeats Mike Anderson Toe Hold
Jason McGill defeats Mike Hatcher Choke
Gordon Chapin defeats David Spindle Choke
Vinny Saenz defeats Phat Chau Decision
Tony Trammell defeats Chris Pierce Heel Hook
Cameron Adair defeats Jairo Bautista Knee Bar SOTN
Jack Trey Garrett defeats Justin Wood Decision
Samuel Nagai defeats Michael Salazar Straight Ankle Lock

Purple Belt Results
Joshua Sutton defeats Andy Doan Decision
Keaton Standridge defeats Anthony Robinson Decision
Theo Lee defeats Kade Lawson Split Decision FOTN
Wally Thompson defeats Leigh Macneil Heel Hook
Guilherme Monteiro defats Victor Altamirno Choke SOTN
Dylan Kastelic defeats Chris Walden Armbar
Karla Shellhammer defeats Michelle Trent Armbar

Teen Results
Mason Woodward defeats Michael Rodriguez Guilotene FOTN
Joshua Patino defeats Ethan Selden Armbar SOTN


Fight2Win 87 – Photo Highlights


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Michael Rodriguez kicks off the second teen match with a fully-choreographed and wildly-entertaining “Baby Shark” walkout routine that was a smash hit with the live crowd in attendance at Gilley’s Dallas.


Keaton Standridge defeats Anthony Robinson by unanimous decision. Keaton was happy to get the win but wanted the FINISH for his supporters and fans. That’s what it’s all about.


There were several nice leg lock finishes on the card but Tony Trammell may have hit the fastest one – a heel hook. Michael Torres, Cameron Adair, Samuel Nagai and Wally Thompson all went to the legs for the finish as well.


This might have been the throw that cemented victory for Jack Trey Garrett in his war of attrition with Justin Wood.


Benjamin Annunziato and Diego Santana had themelves an amazing back and forth battle that saw Ben take the triangle for the submission. This was definitely one of the best matches of the night. It won FOTN honors for the brown belt divisions.


Ryne Sandhagen was a force at the lower belts but hasn’t competed so actively at black belt just yet. He stepped in this time against a very seasoned faixa preta in Stephen Hall. Ryne has now cemented himself as a force in his own right after a fairly dominant victory.


Matheus Gabriel and Santiago Fermin put on an absolute show in the brown belt division. The match, with dynamic guardplay and submission attempts throughout, was finished with Gabriel scoring a triangle-armbar to get a win in his F2W black belt debut.

Igor Paiva showed an amazing command of the lasso guard, spoiling some aggressive passing attempts from Will Durkee and putting out some offense of his own to gain victory.


Ed Ramos and Vinicius Agudo had themselves one of the most technical battles of the night – with both working to sweep and retain without giving up any ground (read: “points”) to their opponent. Agudo gained the judges’ decision in the end of a very close match.


Bonsai BJJ leader Mark Vives continues to be the Ironman of the Fight2Win circuit. Not sure how many bouts he’s had at this point but Mark always answers the call.


This bout between Rocky Budri and Eric Schambari (top) presented the most hotly disputed decision of the night – with Eric getting the win despite having top control for most of the match. Goes to show, with the human element (judges) involved, the only surefire way to win is to finish.


Formiga scored an impressive submission (choke) victory over Dentinho in a match pitting two top veterans of the sport.


Fans would expect that neither Alex Ceconi nor Alan Shebaro would pull guard in this battle of heavyweight big men. Ceconi scores some impressive throws in this match and the match showcased some of the best standup exchanges of the night.


2016 world champion Alex Ceconi goes for the armbar.


Ana Carolina (Baby) Vieira won the Fight2Win female nogi black belt title with an entertaining match against Chelsah Lyons, a newcomer to the black belt division and former brown belt champion. She put up a great fight against the IBJJF absolute division world champ but Vieira edged the fight out with some timely submission attempts.


Newlyweds Ana Carolina Vieira and Luanna Alzuguir celebrat Baby’s win with a congratulatory kiss.


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