FightSports’ Maggie Grindatti ready to compete for brown belt title at Fight 2 Win 89

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October 11, 2018, Miami – Fight 2 Win 89 hits the Miami Dade County Fairgrounds this Friday night and it should be a card of epic proportions. With 35 matches, tons of teams from around the area are being represented and fans will get to see competitors including BJJ World Champions and former UFC fighters.

One of the premier matches of the evening pits Fight Sports’ Maggie Grindatti originally out of Hawaii against Colorado/Wyoming native Brittney Elkin for the brown belt nogi female welterweight title. These two ladies should put on a show if their experience has anything to say about it. Brittney is a Bellator MMA veteran with high level fight experience and Grindatti is a two-time BJJ world champion already.

We recently caught up with Maggie Grindatti to see what she had to say about the matchup and competing at Fight 2 Win 89.

Thanks for talking to us Maggie. What originally got you started in jiujitsu?

My uncle introduced me to Martial Arts through MMA when I moved to Hawaii. After two weeks of training he had me do my first jiujitsu tournament. Two years ago I did my first IBJJF tournament and I decided that jiujitsu was what I wanted to do and committed to it.

Now you recently moved to Miami last year, right? how has life and jiujitsu changed since then?

My crazy love story moved me to Miami May 2017 where I now train under my Boyfriend Master Cyborg (Roberto “Cyborg” Abreau) at Fight Sports HQ. Everything happens for a reason and it is definitely where I belong, it is home. Life has always been good, it just keeps getting better since moving and due to the professors, training and vibe my jiujitsu has progressed fast and continues to daily.

What motivates you to compete nowadays? what are some of your proudest accomplishments this far?

What motivates me to compete is pure love and passion. I would not do it if I felt pressure or had any doubts. Win or lose in know I’m doing what I love to do. My proudest accomplishments are back to back world titles winning blue belt double gold in 2017 and Purple weight gold in 2018. Also being able to compete against brown belts in Fight2Win is a huge accomplishment because I love to challenge myself.

If you put yourself in the shoes of a fan watching you compete on Friday night or any other time, what do you hope they see in your game?

I’ve been known to smile when I fight so I hope they see that I’m not here to prove anything or because I have to be but they see I’m enjoying what I’m doing and I want to be there. And gi or no gi doesn’t matter I will have a well rounded game.

You’re fighting Britney Elkin for the Fight2Win brown belt welterweight title. what do you know about her and how are you approaching this match?

I do not know much about her, I have heard she is strong and well rounded with an MMA background but if you’re not training with someone or fight them often we never really know what our opponents are going to do. I know myself and my game and that’s what it important to me going in to fight anyone.

Any predictions on how you will win?

I never really know how. I just like to make it happen.

What do you have to say to your fans before the big night?

Just thank you, thank you for supporting not only me but jiujitsu and this event that is giving us fighters another opportunity to do what we love. OSS

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