The Night Pigeon Lands In Fresno; Jiu Jitsu Credited For Making Troy Everett Less But Also More Awkward

If you’re ever competed on any of the 90+ Fight 2 Win cards so far, then chances are you already know Troy Everett, or at the very least recognize his face. He’s competed on the show over 10 times but he’s also part of the (#teamnosleep) crew. Basically he’s one of just a handful of people that make F2W as a promotion run week-in and week-out, often working back-to-back 20 hour days through the night on top of competing on the show.

It’s a ridiculous lifestyle but “The Night Pigeon” (aka Troy) wouldn’t trade it for the world.

He didn’t choose this life, this life chose him and then to get even, he chose it right back.

Read on before his matchup against Ray Rahn of Halo Martial Arts tonight at Fight 2 Win 96.


Hey Troy, tell us a little bit about yourself.

My life in a nutshell consists of a lot of awkward encounters and then I started jiu jitsu at some point and got more and less awkward at the same time.

What led you to Jiu Jitsu?

I got into jiu jitsu after watching the UFC for a couple years and wanting to do it but not wanting to get punched in the face.

You play music also. What’s that like?

I got really into music at about 8 when I bought my first CD (N’Sync in case you were wondering) it’s always been a part of my life. I started playing concerts at 16, got a degree in music business and just love the amount of emotions you can put into and express out of music. It does so much for so many people. It’s awesome.

The Night Pigeon. where did that nickname come from?

The story of The Night Pigeon is a long and winding road. It started 12 or so years ago. The story is long and stupid, so I’ll save you the trouble. Haha

(The story of “The Night Pigeon” remains a mystery.)

We both know traveling so much for the show is exhausting. Why do you do it?

Traveling is exhausting but I have an awesome job so it makes it bearable. I do it because I get to do what I love and meet and hang out with some of coolest and most talented people on earth. And I don’t want to have a normal job anymore.

On some shows, you’re competing and working at the same time. Putting in 20-hour days lifting heavy shit, on top of grappling. Then staying up after the fight to tear down the show. What’s that like, doing all that together?

Working and competing at the same time makes things way easier for me. I overthink a lot, so not having time to think about things helps me stay relaxed.

F2W is awesome. It makes competing fun for me. The first one I did (Fight 2 Win 4) I was so nervous and focused on winning that I got my ass kicked in front of my friends and family. Now I’m a lot more relaxed and know that the people that support me are going to support me win or lose. I just go out there and do what I can to make things fun for myself and others.

What’s your favorite thing about this lifestyle?

My favorite thing about this lifestyle is the fact that I get to do it and get to do it with some of my best friends.

What do you hate the most though?

My least favorite part is the Denver airport.

Alright Troy, if you disappeared tomorrow, what would you want everyone to remember about you?

I hope people would remember that I just wanted to help and make their lives just a little bit better every day through dumb jokes or pictures or whatever.

What’s the best pun you’ve ever heard?

There is too many to say. Any pun is a good pun. Mostly. Sometimes.





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