3x F2W Vet Danny Bohigian Has Annoying Jiujitsu, Expects Chaos At F2W 98

This Saturday night marks the return of Fight 2 Win to San Jose, CA. The event features 30+ bouts set to take place at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds starting at 5pm.

As part of the black belt main card, 3x F2W vet Danny Bohigian (Guerilla JJ) takes on Coalition 95’s Shane Torres in a 155 lbs. gi match.

We recently caught up with Prof. Bohigian to get his thoughts on training and competing.

Tell us a little about yourself and your training.

I am a first degree black belt under Dave Camarillo, who has been my instructor since I started training back in March of 2016. I teach and train out of Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu Pleasanton with some cross training sprinkled in, mostly when I am between semesters at SJSU.

What do you do when you’re not in the gym?

When I am not at the gym, I am fulfilling my duties at SJSU as a lecturer for the Kinesiology department, playing guitar, reading, or wasting time playing videos games (currently managing an addiction to Red Dead Redemption 2).

How has jiu jitsu impacted the rest of your life?

I probably sound like a broken record, here, but, jiu-jitsu changed my life. It gave me meaning at a crucial time in my development as a human being. It still gives me meaning to this day and keeps me centered physically, intellectually, and emotionally.

Why do you like to compete?

I like to compete because it is something I never saw myself doing. As a kid, I was quiet and incredibly shy. I had always been involved in athletics or something physical, but I never took control of my potential. I enjoy the preparation, the discipline required to compete at the black belt level, and the simple fact that competing is fun as hell!

Have many F2W matches have done? How does it differ preparing for this vs. a tourney?

I have competed three times for Fight to Win, compiling a record of 1 win and 2 losses. There is something unique about knowing who your opponent is, studying their game, asking others in the community if they can reveal tendencies, and focusing in on a single 8 minute battle. The show itself is also exhilarating. Being on stage in front of the always rowdy Fight to Win crowd gives off a different energy.

How would you describe your style of BJJ to a fan who wants to know what to expect?

I have heard this on many occasions: my jiu-jitsu is annoying, in a good way. I’ll take it! As far as the match goes, this may seem counterintuitive, but, I feel more relaxed not having to worry about points or advantages costing me the match. Expect chaos and someone getting submitted, hopefully not me.

How are you preparing for this? Who’s helped you?

I will be 33 next month, so, drilling and cardio are more of an emphasis for me as I attempt to maintain my body. I spar hard 3-4 times a week, but, if my body is telling me otherwise, I don’t feel guilty about skipping hard rolling in favor of technical drilling, game planning, or hitting the air dyne bike. I believe Shane is making his black belt debut, so he will come out with some serious energy. I know that Shane will be strong and technical. I have trained with people that have competed against him in the past and his reputation is impressive. I have the utmost respect for Claudio Franca, his team, and everything Claudio has done for the local Northern California Jiu-Jitsu scene. Shane has a lot of experience and has seen success going through the ranks. I expect an 8 minute sprint with him. It should be an entertaining match.

My team is what keeps me going. My teammates, students, and coaches keep me going. My teammates are willing to sacrifice their time and their bodies to get me the training I need. My students give me the benefit of the doubt when I’m a little grumpy cutting weight or battling with the bumps and bruises. My coaches have my back through and through, always offering to cover classes so I can get some extra training. Thank you.

Any last words before the match?

Competition is beautiful. I am looking forward to stepping on that stage and expanding on the journey.

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