With Tons Of Prep, Alliance Rep Danny Duckworth Looking To Make An Impact At Fight 2 Win 103

A black belt out of Alliance in Pearland, Danny Duckworth will be debuting at Fight 2 Win when he takes on Gracie Barra’s Joshua Sharpless at F2W103, this Friday night in Houston.

With recent time spent traveling to Orlando to train with Bruno Malfacine amongst others, Danny is looking to make an impact in his F2W debut.

Hey Danny, why do you like to compete?

To lead my team, challenge myself or sometimes it’s to just look good right before I fight, lol. I don’t like competing, it’s stressful but I always remind myself how happy I am after it’s done.  So, I keep coming back…

How has jiu jitsu impacted the rest of your life?

I learned how to be healthy, active, confident and dependable. I’ve gained great friendships, became a better man than I knew I could be, and I have found myself to be a leader and mentor to so many. I’m forever grateful in what my duty is as leader and friend and I will always treat it with respect.

What do you do when you’re not in the gym?

Spend time with my daughter and friends. Try and stay busy and active, travel when I can. I have multiple jobs and a daughter to raise so it’s not easy, but I will always find time for what is important to me, my daughter and my mat.

How is it going to feel for you to compete in front of a packed crowd in your city?

I have never done a submission only event and I’m both excited and nervous. I will have probably over 50 people in attendance just to see me so it will be both surreal and humbling.

How would you describe your style of BJJ? What can the fans expect?

I always go for the finish win or lose for that is the ultimate point of Jiu Jitsu.

How are you preparing for your opponent? Anything specific?

CrossFit, running, cross training, drilling and listening to mindset audio books.  I have a specific game plan to pull guard right to single X and set up my foot locks and control the pace.

Any prediction on how this match will go?

I predict I will foot lock him via Single X. Probably a toe hold.

Do you have any message for your fans/coaches/sponsors/etc.?

I love you all and thank you for all the support I needed along the way.

Any last words before the match? 

Never give up, be the people you inspire to be and if you are always a black belt then act like a black belt for the whole industry depends on it.

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