Fight 2 Win 104 Competitor Profile – Vinicius Agudo (VABJJ / Soul Fighters)

Fight 2 Win arrives in Dallas, TX for arguably it’s most epic show to date, F2W 104. The event will feature American legend Rafael Lovato Jr. taking on ADCC champ Yuri Simoes in the main event of the evening while Rafael Formiga defends his belt against SF’s Nicholas Greene in the co-main event of the evening. With multiple world champions on the card including Nathiely Jesus and DJ Jackson plus a who’s who of locals from the DFW area, this is definitely one to watch and tickets are still available for the event set to take place at Gilley’s Dallas on Saturday night. Make sure to pick up your Fight 2 Win 104 tickets today!


Competitor Profile – Vinicius Agudo (VABJJ / Soul Fighters)


Describe who you are for those who don’t know you or your accomplishments.

I’m Vinicius Agudo. I was born in São Paulo – Brazil and first came to the USA in 2007. I was awarded my black belt in 2013 by Gabriel Napão Gonzaga and I train under Rafael Formiga Barbosa. I moved to Texas a little over two years ago and have recently opened my academy (VA Academy) in Wylie, TX. I’ve medaled in both, Pan Ams and Pan Nogi and currently have a record of 5-1 in the F2W show.

Who do you credit for shaping your jiujitsu?

It would be hard for me to name so many good people I’ve had the pleasure to train with during my 17 years of BJJ but without a doubt having Formiga and João Gabriel pushing me everyday has skyrocketed not just the level of my Jiu-Jitsu but also my confidence as a competitor.

How excited are you for this weekend?

I can’t really express with words how happy and excited I am to be back on the F2W stage. This will be my 7th fight for this amazing production and my first one since opening my academy. Having my students, friends, family and teammates there will make this an amazing night for sure.

Why are you looking forward to being on this card?

As I said competing for the first time in the show after my dream of opening my own academy came true. This is for sure one of the best cards F2W has put together for the Dallas show. For me being chosen to be part of such a great card is an honor.

How have you been training to get ready for it?

Training schedule didn’t change much since we train hard every day in the morning. We recently started our Pan Am camp this past week which made us intensify the level of training. Having almost 10 black belts in practice every morning is a blessing.

What do you think of your opponent, Vinicius Garcia (Gracie Gym)?

As you guys know I respect everybody I compete against. I believe respect remains mutual for this match. I don’t much about him so there isn’t much I can compliment him with but I can guarantee you he is a tough dude otherwise he wouldn’t be on the card.

If you had to pick – win with the most boring fight in F2W history or lose with FOTN honors in the most exciting match ever – which would you choose?

A win is a win no matter what. I always step on the stage chasing the victory.

Any predictions for this match?

Hard to say since I don’t know much about him. I will give you guys a show for sure like I’ve been doing for the past few years since the first time I fought in the event.

Anybody you want to thank?

I have to thank my professor Rafael Formiga and João Gabriel for everything they do for me. All the training and life lessons too. We are a family.

My sponsors Albino&Preto and The ArmBarSoap Company for the amazing support they give to me.

For last but not least I want to thank my family for always believing in me when from day one I left my parent’s house for the first time as a purple belt and my wife for being so amazing and understandable.

Any last words before the match?

Just want to take a moment to thank all the staff and organization of F2W. We have known each other for quite a while and I know how hard everyone works in order to make this happen. Having your contribution to the community is a blessing not many people realize.

2019 has been great so far and I have good feelings it will continue this way.

Once again thank you for the opportunity.

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